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Transportation ---- How to get from point A to point B in the World of Warcraft.

Ely the skies of Azeroth! World of Warcraft features an advanced flying transportation network. Players can unlock flying routes, then buy tickets to ride flying mounts over long distances to reduce walking time. Players can travel on four types of air mounts and in Goblin Zeppelins (more on that later).

Unlock new flying routes - To unlock new flight paths, you must search for flying-mount locations and speak with special NPC route masters -- indicated by a green "!" above their heads. After connecting two flying points, you can travel, for a fee, between those locations on an air mount. You start the game with your home city's flying point active; the remaining flying points must be discovered. When you click on a route master, a world map appears showing the flight routes you've unlocked and the price for each flight.

See new places! - Flying gives you an entirely different view of the world. If you think you know your way around, wait until you see Azeroth by air! The flight paths are specifically designed to delight passengers with entertaining sights and glimpses of new regions, such as dangerous high-level areas that you might not be ready to explore yet. You can also get a clear view of other players adventuring on the ground and see some of the monsters that you'll be encountering later in the game.

Flying allows you to quickly return to previous locations to complete quests, meet up with friends, shop, visit the bank, and more.

To avoid fatal falling damage, you will be seatbelted onto the air mount for the entirety of the journey, so all you'll have to worry about is sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the ride.

There is no waiting for a flight. Once you buy your ticket, you're automatically placed on the mount, and your air journey begins!

While riding on an air mount, you can rotate the camera to view your surroundings and the ground below (and capture screenshots). You can also chat, use your character screens, organize your inventory, and so on.

Players do not start with any flight node other than their starting city. On the Alliance side, Night Elves get Rut'theran Village/Darnasssus, Dwarves and Gnomes get Ironforge, and Humans get Stormwind. On the Horde side, Tauren get Thunder Bluff, Orcs and Trolls get Orgrimmar, and Undead get Undercity.

If you log out while in flight, you will continue flying when you log back in.

Final Destination Flight Paths: If you're making several jumps to get to your destination, you will now be able to choose that flight path from your initial Flight Master. The costs will remain the same, but you do not need to manually click on each path.

Alliance Transportation

Alliance Air Transportation Gryphons
he mighty gryphons of the Aerie Peaks aided the Alliance in its time of need. Part eagle and part lion, these proud creatures stand as noble symbols of the Alliance's fortitude. In addition to conveying important documents between the human, dwarf, and gnome leaders in the regions around Stormwind and Ironforge, gryphons have also been harnessed for paid transportation along routes throughout Alliance-controlled lands.

aving sworn allegiance to the night elves in honor of Cenarius, the magical hippogryphs now patrol the skies above Northern Kalimdor, scanning the horizon for invaders. During the war, these magnificent creatures, with bodies that resemble both stags and ravens, were ridden into battle by Sentinel archers. They have since agreed to serve as paid transport for the Alliance, carrying travelers along with them on their patrol routes.
Other Alliance Transportation Deeprun Tram
n the aftermath of the Second War, the humans of Stormwind began the grueling task of rebuilding the war-torn lands surrounding their battered kingdom. In those days, the bonds of brotherhood that cradled the Alliance were still at their strongest, and the dwarves of Ironforge were quick to lend aid to their human allies. King Magni Bronzebeard was frustrated, however, at the sluggish pace with which his country's aid was being delivered to Stormwind, and eager as well to establish a means of reinforcing the human kingdom with dwarven soldiers should the need arise. To address these two concerns, King Bronzebeard turned to Azeroth's most esteemed engineer, High Tinker Mekkatorque, who immediately began drafting designs for a grand subterranean railway system that would link Stormwind and Ironforge. Today, his vision has become reality, and the newly-built Deeprun Tram has developed into an indispensable link between the two great capitals, providing swift and safe transportation for thousands of their citizens, and bolstering military cooperation between the armies of these two proud Alliance strongholds.

Horde Transportation

he sentient wyverns of Kalimdor were eager to ally themselves with the shamanistic Horde, whose commitment to honor and victory they strongly admire. Sharing a common ancestry with dragons and gryphons, wyverns revel in flight, dutifully carrying Horde riders along various routes surrounding Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar for a small fee.

Vampire Bats
ike their Southern Kalimdor siblings, the vampire bats of Zul Aman have always savored the frenzied turmoil of battle. This chaotic disposition has naturally aligned them with the Forsaken, who continue their struggle against Lord Arthas' Scourge while maintaining a tense alliance with the Horde. In addition to ferrying throughout Lordaeron those who pay for their service, the vampire bats also act as scouts for the Dark Lady.

Goblin Zeppelin
Horde players can hop a Goblin Zeppelin for a flight up high above the world!

Orgrimmar to Tirisfal (Horde Territory)

Grom'gol to Orgrimmar (Horde Territory)

Tirisfall to Grom'gol (Horde Territory)

Other Information
The round trip is around five minutes, with a pause at each destination of one minute each.

If you do miss a transport, you will have a very short wait before it returns.

If you log out or crash during your journey, you will log back in on the same transport as you logged out on, though you will likely be at a different location along its path.

Please do not jump off of Boats and/or Zeppelins when riding them.

Q&A Can the Alliance Ride the Goblin Zeppelins?
Sure, but you'll have to go into enemy territory to get a ride.

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