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Getting Started ---- Everything you need to know to get started on your heroic journey in the World of Warcraft.

Additional Chat Options

Interface Options

Interface Options is accessed through the Main Menu (ESC). It contains a variety of choices for altering the way you play World of Warcraft. Several of these options apply to the Chat Interface, and are grouped together in the lower-left portion of the menu, labeled Chat. Profanity Filter Although this option appears in the Display section of Interface Options, its effects are felt in your chat windows. Checking this option causes a variety of policy-violating words to be masked by random character symbols when those words appear in your chat window, in any channel.
**NOTE** Blizzard Entertainment strives to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants. The Profanity Filter is a tool to assist in this process. Players may be able to turn the filter off, yet this does not mean that players want to be exposed to the spectrum of inappropriate language. All players need to adhere to the World of Warcraft Harassment Policy at all times.

Simple Chat
Checking Simple Chat locks all chat settings into a simple, unalterable interface. Your General Chat Window is returned to its default location in the bottom-left corner of the screen, just above your Action Bar and any class-based bars, such as pet bars, battle stances, etc. Your Combat Log is placed in the bottom right corner of the screen, above your bag slots. Enabling any of the extra Action Bars will adjust the chat window locations accordingly. You will not be able to size or move either chat window, or access their Window Menus (see Customizing Chat, below). You can still execute any chat function that has a chat prompt command, such as /join, /password, etc. Enabling Simple Chat is a quick way to reset your chat settings if they become corrupted or unmanageable.
**NOTE** Any custom chat settings other than your channel selections will be lost and must be manually set up again when this feature is used as a reset!

Guild Member Alert
When Guild Member Alert is checked, you will receive a system message each time a member of your Guild logs in or out of the game.

Lock Chat Settings
Lock Chat Settings prevents further changes to the Chat Interface. This is handy when you've made adjustments to your chat windows, and they're juuust right! You will not be able to size or move any chat window, or access its Window Menu (see Customizing Chat, below). You can still execute any chat function that has a chat prompt command, such as /join, /password, etc.

Remove Chat Hover Delay
By default, you must leave your cursor positioned over a chat window for several seconds to reveal its Name Tab. This option significantly reduces this delay.

Show Chat Bubbles
The Show Chat Bubbles option causes Say and Yell chat to appear in a bubble over the head of the individual from whom the chat originated. This feature is useful if you prefer to stay focused on your character and the world around them, rather than frequently shifting your attention to a chat window.

Show Party Chat Bubbles
When Show Party Chat Bubbles is enabled, Party chat will appear in a bubble over the head of the party member who said it.

Key Bindings
World of Warcraft allows complete customization of your keyboard map. Here are the default key assignments for chat-related keys:

Open Chat (Enter)
Open Chat Slash (/)
Chat Page Up (active chat window) (Page Up)
Chat Page Down (active chat window) (Page Down)
Chat Bottom (active chat window) (SHIFT-Page Down)
Chat Reply (R)
Combat Log Page Up (CTRL-Page Up)
Combat Log Page Down (CTRL-Page Down)
Combat Log Bottom (CTRL-SHIFT-Page Down)
Toggle Combat Log (Simple Chat must be enabled) (SHIFT-C)

Channel Moderation

A number of commands exist that allow you to control channels that you create or to which you are given moderator rights. The current owner of a channel must enable moderation via the /moderate command before many of these commands will function. Below is a list of the commands and their use:

/ban, /unban <channel> <player> - Ban/unban a player from a channel
/cinvite, /chatinvite <channel> <player> - Invite a player to a channel
/ckick <channel> <player> - Kick a player off a channel
/mod, /moderator, /unmod, /unmoderator <channel> <player> -
Change a player's moderator status
/moderate <channel> - Toggle moderation on a channel
/mute, /squelch, /unvoice, /unmute, /unsquelch, /voice <channel> <player> -
Change a player's permission
/password, /pass <channel> <password> - Change password
/owner - Display or change channel owner
/announce, /ann <channel> - toggle join/leave announcements on a channel

Cross-Faction Interaction

Say and Yell are the only channels where you can see the chat of cross-faction characters. However, members of the Horde and the Alliance are not able to communicate effectively through chat. Anything said by Alliance players is masked as gibberish in the chat windows of Horde players, and vice versa.


Each chat window has an assigned ID. The General Chat Window cannot be deleted, and its ID is always 1. All other windows are numbered from 2 to 7, in the order that they were created. Undocking a window does not change its ID. Deleting a window does not change the IDs of any remaining windows; creating new windows fills in any unused window IDs.

When windows are docked to the General Chat Window, only one of the windows can be displayed, or "active", at any time. To switch to an inactive window without using your mouse, use the chat command "/script FCF_SelectDockFrame(ChatFrame#)" replacing the # in (ChatFrame#) with the ID of the window which you want to display.

Chat: Q & A
Chat: Command Glossary

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