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Introduction ---- World of Warcraft is an online role-playing experience set in the award-winning Warcraft universe.
World of Warcraft is filled with food and drink. Although players are not required to eat or drink, they may receive benefits by keeping their characters full!
Food - Food regenerates health over time. The eating process or "buff" can be interrupted (canceled) if you are attacked or move. So don't use food unless your character is unlikely to be attacked.
Drinks - Drinks regenerate mana over time. Like food, the drinking process is a buff that can be interrupted if you are attacked. You must remain still while drinking (under the mana regeneration effect), or the "buff" will be canceled.


More powerful food/drinks require higher player level limits; they will heal or regenerate more mana/health within a shorter amount of time too. Mages can summon food and water. Ask them for some! =] You cannot eat or drink while in combat. You are considered "in-combat" if any nearby monster is engaged with you.Food and Drink are in separate categories, so you can only have one food effect and one drink effect on you at a time. The only effect should be that foods that used to stack with each other (you could have two food effects on you at once) no longer will stack.


Your character can become drunk when drinking too much alcohol.

If you become more than 50% drunk, you will have drunk bubbles hiccoughing up occasionally. ??As you get more drunk, you start weaving when you walk. ??As you get more drunk, you start slurring your words in chat. ??Every 20% drunk you are, creatures appear one level lower than they actually are. ??Drunkenness is saved when you log out and fades over 15 minutes. ??Intoxication distorts your character's view of the world to a fish-eye perspective (this happens gradually over time when you're drunk).


If you don't have healing, buy stacks of food from the vendors, then use them after a battle. This will reduce "downtime," which will allow you to fight more often.
If you are a spellcaster, stock up on drinks to regenerate your mana.

Common Questions

Where do I find food/drink?
Monsters drop food and drink. You can also buy them from vendors. The cooking profession can be used to create food.

The fishing profession can also be used to get some food. Fish can be eaten raw but it gives more benefits if it is cooked.

Does food or drink "go bad" or spoil?
No, it lasts forever or until it is used. Summoned food/water, however, will disappear after a being logged out of the game for a period of time.


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