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Getting Started ---- Everything you need to know to get started on your heroic journey in the World of Warcraft.

"I challenge you to a duel!"
Duels are a great way to prove who the better warrior is. Perhaps another player has offended you. Challenge them to a duel! "/slap playername". You can have a duel (one-on-one fight) with another player of either the Alliance or the Horde.

To start a duel, select the player you wish to duel. Right-click on the player's portrait and select "duel". Alternatively, you can also select someone and type "/duel" with that player selected or type "/duel playername".

A battle flag will be placed near you indicating that a challenge has been issued and a duel might begin. The person you challenged must accept the duel or you will not be able to attack them. There is a short countdown before a duel starts. Watch the color of their character's name. It will turn red when the duel has begun. A sound will also play when a duel begins.

If you try to run too far away from the other player after starting a duel a special box will pop up letting you know you're about to exit the dueling area: "Exiting duel area, you will forfeit in X seconds." If you forfeit, a message of your cowardice will be broadcast to the region. Example: Player 1 has fled from Player 2 in a duel.

The result of the duel is announced to the current region (zone). Example: Player 1 has defeated Player 2 in a duel.

Additional Information
You can't duel in certain areas

  • ?You can't duel players you can attack normally.
  • ?Skills will not increase from use while dueling or engaged in PvP.
  • ?Dueling players can cast helpful spells on their allies (but not vice versa).
  • ?Players can no longer swap inventory gear while dueling.
  • ?Dueling is allowed within Everlook.
  • ?Dispel Magic cannot be used on players participating in a duel unless the caster is in the duel.
  • ?You are considered in combat for the entire duration of a duel.


  • Some players will move in circles (strafing) as you fight, especially Rogues. You'll have to learn how to run and rotate to combat this technique.
  • Duels are helpful to test new spells and item effects.
  • Some players consider it cheating to use potions during a duel. You might want to ask before the challenge what the "rules" are.
  • During a duel you shouldn't get any help from allies such as healing. Buffs are debatable.
    Common Questions
    What do I win if I win a duel?

    Your reward will be a message broadcast to the entire region (zone) announcing your win. The loser also kneels before you.

    Do I lose anything if I lose a duel?
    There is currently no penalty, so you can duel all you want.

    Will I die if I duel?
    Not usually, but it happens sometimes.

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