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Introduction ---- World of Warcraft is an online role-playing experience set in the award-winning Warcraft universe.

The Dressing Room

How many times have you been to the auction house, checking for better equipment, trying to decide between +7 Stamina/+6 Agility wrist armor and +6 Stamina/+7 Agility wrist armor only to find out that those new blue bracers just don't quite go with your orange gloves, after you've won the auction?
Of course it's arguable that the game is all about stats and not looks. But what about the pleasure of catching everyone's eyes with your slick, and useful, new outfit? Surely, even the most hardcore PvP players should be mindful of their appearance. What's the point of being the best in your realm if you look like the average Joe? Be creative! Look for items with more than just stats! With a distinctive look, people will remember you better! After all, "There goes that vile Shaman" is so much more memorable when you add, "with the blood-red gloves"! With the exciting new Dressing Room feature in the upcoming patch, you'll no longer have an excuse for not competing as much with your looks as with your stats!

How does the Dressing Room feature work?

  • It is quite simple. Each time you see an icon for an object, even if you can't equip it, you can Ctrl+Left-Click on it and a new window will pop up, showing how you would look with that item equipped.
  • Even better: you can use the same mechanism for any item linked in chat (trade, party, guild, whisper, etc).
  • You can use the Dressing Room to model items that are being rolled for in the Group Loot/Need Before Greed Popup window
  • Last but certainly not least, the auction house interface has been revamped to get its own automatic Dressing Room window. Just check the Display on Character box to activate the feature, and Left-Click on any item you want to see on your character.

Get the best of the Dressing Room

Some may argue that you should almost never buy equipment from vendors. While this is usually true for pure stat-boosting items, some vendors sell fashionable clothes, such as colorful shirts. Use the Dressing Room to help you choose when to take the plunge and buy something you might otherwise have ignored!

Also remember that you can preview items you are unable to wear. Check in with the Battlegrounds or PvP vendors and see how good you will look after your rank or reputation has increased.

Tip: When you browse a vendor's wares and use the Dressing room feature, you can close the vendor window, keep the Dressing Room window up and check out another vendor's wares. That way you can, for example, see how a certain weapon available at one vendor looks on you with a particular piece of armor available at another. You can even combine this with other methods, such as the chat link.
Any equipable item link can be previewed with the Dressing Room. To do so, just Ctrl+Left-Click on an item linked in chat. This technique is very useful to send "preview" links for things you can preview normally only on yourself. You can use it to link:

  • Professions items from your professions recipe window.
  • Quest items from your quest window.

Quest rewards
When you take a quest, you can now see how the reward will look on you. Ctrl+Left-Click on the icon and the Dressing Room window will pop up. If you want to show the new item's look to your guild mates or friends, you can Shift+Left-Click on the item's icon to display a link in a chat line, and they can then also see for themselves how it would look on their own characters.

You can use the preview with any recipe you know, with a Ctrl+Left-Click on the icon of the final product in your professions window.
Tips: You can't preview the recipe's end result unless you have learned the recipe. But, you can always ask higher level crafters to /whisper you back with the item link.

screenshot(5, "center", "I love my goggles", "Profession recipes");

If you want to avoid losing money and time when trying to sell crafted equipment, just link the item in chat to a prospective buyer. Keep your components handy to make that item on-demand instead of making one that may not sell.

Group loot
With the possibility of previewing loot in a group or raid when an item drops, never-before-seen fashion arguments might start occurring (e.g.: "But those purple pants will match my dinner set!"). Thus, it is very important to remember that it is always better to loot only after combat has finished and everyone who died has been revived. Otherwise, the time to roll could run out before anyone had a chance to preview and then roll. If you trust everyone in the group or raid, it is better to have the Master Looter option activated. The master looter can then provide everyone with the links.


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