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    • Doomhammer US
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Getting Started ---- Everything you need to know to get started on your heroic journey in the World of Warcraft.

Customizing Chat Windows

In order to make any changes to your chat settings, you must first disable the Simple Chat and Lock All Chat Settings features in Interface Options (on the Main Menu). Before you can move a chat window or change its size, you must unlock it. To do this, move your cursor over the window until its Name Tab appears.

Right-Click the Tab to reveal its Window Menu.

Finally, click the Unlock Window option at the top of the menu. If the window is already unlocked, the option will instead say Lock Window, which you shouldn't click until after making all your changes! You do not need to unlock a window to make use of the other options on its menu, or to change its place in the order of any docked windows.

To change the size of a window, click and drag any of its corners until you are satisfied with its dimensions. Chat windows inherit the dimensions of the General Chat Window while docked to it.

To move a window, click and drag its Name Tab. Windows docked to the General Chat Window will move with it.

To change the order of a docked window, click and drag its Name Tab. A small, glowing yellow bar will indicate where the window will be placed upon release.

If the bar is not visible when you release the window, it will become undocked. Windows can only be docked to the General Chat Window, and it cannot be moved from the left-most position of all docked windows.

Chat Window Menu

Right-Click a chat window's Name Tab to open its menu. Here's where you'll really start to see the versatility of the Chat Interface.

Lock/Unlock Window Locking a chat window will prevent movement and resizing of that window.
Unlocking the General Chat Window or any undocked chat window will allow you to move and resize it. Unlocking a docked window will undock it, restoring any custom size setting and allowing you to move and resize it.
**NOTE** Although windows docked to the General Chat Window indicate that they are locked, they can be moved/undocked by clicking and dragging their Name Tab.

Rename Window
Choosing this option will reveal a window asking you to enter a new chat window name:

After entering a name, you may Accept or Cancel the name change.

Create New Window
The Choosing Create New Window option reveals a window asking you to enter a name for the new chat window:

After entering a name, you may Accept or Cancel. Accepting docks and selects the new window.

Remove Window
Remove Window permanently deletes the window. The General Chat Window cannot be removed.
**NOTE** Creating a new window with the same name will not retrieve the contents of the deleted window!


Font Size
This menu allows you to choose the size of the text displayed in the window. You may choose font size 12, 14, 16 or 18. 14 is the default selection.

Clicking the box to the right of Background reveals a Color Picker window:

Choose the color of the window's background using the colored circle, its shade (darkness) using the gradient scale, and its opacity (how well you can see through it) using the percentage scale. 0% is fully transparent, while 100% is fully solid.

The extensive list of message types found here encompasses every message type that you receive through the Chat Interface. These messages can be toggled on or off, so that each of your windows displays only the messages that you want it to. The exceptions are System Messages, which are always displayed, and only in your General Chat Window. The Say, Guild, Whisper and Party subcategories under Channels and the Creature subcategory under Other Messages must be turned on or off as groups; you cannot toggle individual portions of those Filter subcategories. To change the color of a message type, click the box next to it. This presents a Color Picker window:

Use the colored circle to set the message color, and the gradient scale to choose its shade (darkness).
**NOTE** Each message color applies across all windows. Ex: Whispers/Tells cannot be violet in your General Chat Window and green in your Combat Log.

Below is a list of available filters. Bold entries are shown in the General Chat Window by default; the Combat Log shows underlined entries by default:


Say (subcategories: Say, Emote, Text Emote), Yell, Guild (subcategories: Guild, Officer), Whisper (subcategories: Incoming Whisper, Whisper), Party (subcategories: Party, Raid), General, LocalDefense, LookingForGroup, **Custom Channels** (listed sequentially)
Combat Messages
Misc Info, Your Hits, Your Misses, Pet's Hits, Pet's Misses, Party's Hits, Party's Misses, Friendly Players' Hits, Friendly Players' Misses, Hostile Players' Hits, Hostile Players' Misses, Creature Hits vs You, Creature Misses vs You, Creature Hits vs Party, Creature Misses vs Party, Creature Hits vs Creatures, Creature Misses vs Creatures, Friendly Deaths, Hostile Deaths, XP Gain, Honor Gain
Spell Messages
Your Damage Spells, Your Buff Spells, Pet's Damage Spells, Pet's Buff Spells, Party's Damage Spells, Party's Buff Spells, Friendly Players' Damage Spells, Friendly Players' Buff Spells, Hostile Players' Damage Spells, Hostile Players' Buff Spells, Creature Damage Spells on You, Creature Buff Spells on You, Creature Damage Spells on Party, Creature Buff Spells on Party, Creature Damage Spells on Others, Creature Buff Spells on Others
Spell Messages (cont'd)
Tradeskills, Damageshields on You, Damageshields on Others, Auras wearing off You, Auras wearing off Party, Auras wearing off Others, Item Enchantments, Break Aura, Your Insufficient Spell Resource Errors

Periodic Effects

Your Periodic Damage, Your Periodic Buffs, Party's Periodic Damage, Party's Periodic Buffs, Friendly Players' Periodic Damage, Friendly Players' Periodic Buffs, Hostile Players' Periodic Damage, Hostile Players' Periodic Buffs, Creatures' Periodic Damage, Creatures' Periodic Buffs
System Messages
System, AFK, DND, Ignored, Channel List, Neutral zone message, Alliance zone message, Horde zone message
**NOTE** These always appear in the General Chat Window, cannot be disabled, and cannot be turned on in any other window.
Other Messages
Creature (subcategories: Creature Say, Creature Yell, Creature Emote, Creature Whisper), Skill, Loot (subcategories: Item Loot, Money Loot)
Join New Channel
This option reveals a window asking you to enter a channel name:

After entering a name, you may Accept or Cancel. Accepting creates the channel (if necessary) and adds it to the current window.
**NOTE** You will automatically leave the General, Trade, LocalDefense and LookingForGroup channels of a zone as you leave it, and enter the corresponding channels of the new zone.

Server Channels
This menu is functionally identical to the filters listed in the previous section. Toggling any of the following channels will also toggle them in the Channels category.
**NOTE** The Trade channel behaves like a Server Channel, though it is not listed in this section.
This channel can be used to mass communicate with other players in your area.

The World Defense channel can be used to warn allied players about incoming attacks from an enemy.
**NOTE** Only players with a PvP Rank of 11 (Commander for members of the Alliance, Lieutenant General for Horde members) or higher can speak in WorldDefense. Anyone can listen. WorldDefense displays your rank and name when chatting.

This particular channel serves the same purpose as the World Defense channel but it is limited to the local area that you are in.
**NOTE** LocalDefense displays your PvP rank as well as your name when chatting.

The Looking for Group channel can help you find other players to group with; whether it be for a Dungeon, or a quest.

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