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    • Argent dawn US
    • Arthas US
    • Azgalor US
    • Azjol-nerub US
    • Blackhand US
    • Blackrock US
    • Bleeding hollow US
    • Bloodhoof US
    • Bloodscalp US
    • Bonechewer US
    • Boulderfist US
    • Bronzebeard US
    • Burning blade US
    • Burning legion US
    • Cenarion circle US
    • Cenarius US
    • Crushridge US
    • Daggerspine US
    • Dalaran US
    • Dark iron US
    • Darkspear US
    • Deathwing US
    • Destromath US
    • Dethecus US
    • Detheroc US
    • Doomhammer US
    • Draenor US
    • Dragonblight US
    • Dragonmaw US
    • Dunemaul US
    • Durotan US
    • Earthen ring US
    • Eldre'thalas US
    • Elune US
    • Emerald dream
    • Eonar US
    • Eredar US
    • Feathermoon US
    • Firetree US
    • Frostmane US
    • Frostwolf US
    • Garona US
    • Gilneas US
    • Gorefiend US
    • Gorgonnash US
    • Greymane US
    • Gurubashi US
    • Hellscream US
    • Hyjal US
    • Icecrown US
    • Illidan US
    • Kalecgos US
    • Kargath US
    • Kel'thuzad US
    • Khadgar US
    • Kil'jaeden US
    • Kilrogg US
    • Laughing skull US
    • Lightbringer US
    • Lightning's blade US
    • Llane US
    • Lothar US
    • Maelstrom
    • Magtheridon US
    • Mal'ganis US
    • Malygos US
    • Mannoroth US
    • Medivh US
    • Moonrunner US
    • Nathrezim US
    • Ner'zhul US
    • Perenolde US
    • Proudmoore US
    • Sargeras US
    • Scarlet crusade US
    • Shadow council US
    • Shadow moon US
    • Shadowsong US
    • Shattered hand US
    • Silver hand US
    • Silvermoon US
    • Skullcrusher US
    • Skywall US
    • Smolderthorn US
    • Spinebreaker US
    • Spirestone US
    • Staghelm US
    • Stonemaul US
    • Stormrage US
    • Stormreaver US
    • Stormscale US
    • Suramar US
    • Terenas US
    • Thunderhorn US
    • Thunderlord US
    • Tichondrius US
    • Twisting nether
    • Uldum US
    • Ursin US
    • Uther US
    • Warsong US
    • Whisperwind US
    • Wildhammer US
    • Windrunner US
    • Zul'jin US
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World of Warcraft Gold Guides

Game Guide > Introduction | Getting Started | Character | Items | The World | Transportation | Player Interaction | Player vs Player | FAQ | About Game Guide

Getting Started ---- Everything you need to know to get started on your heroic journey in the World of Warcraft.

Character Customization Options

Skin Color
Hair Style
Hair Color
Special Trait - These are other customizable options such as piercings, earrings, markings etc.


Strength (STR)
  • Increases your attack power with melee weapons.
  • Increases the amount of damage you can block with a shield.
Strength does not affect critical hit chances at all. Strength does not improve your chance to block, but rather the amount blocked when you succeed. This amount is determined in part by Strength (and the other part by your shield).
Agility (AGI)
  • Increases your attack power with ranged weapons.
  • Increases your armor.
  • Increases your chance to score a critical hit with a weapon.
  • Increases your chance to dodge attacks.
  • Rogues gain a much stronger bonus to dodge from agility than other classes.
  • Hunter & Rogue: Increases your attack power with melee weapons.

Increases Health points.
Intellect (INT)
  • Increases the rate at which you learn weapon skills.
  • Increases your Mana points.
  • Increases your chance to score a critical hit with spells.
  • Spirit (SPT)
  • Increases health and mana regeneration. Spirit affects all characters' mana and hit point regeneration rates in and out of combat.

  • Weapons
    ??? Attack (AR) - Attack Rating.
    Power (AP) - Attack Power.
    Damage (DMG) - Weapon Damage.
    ??? Defense (AC) - Defense Rating.
    Armor - Physical Damage Reduction.

    Other Information

    DPS for the Rogue and Hunter: Agility contributes to 50% of the DPS for Rogues and Hunters *and Strength contributes* to the other 50%.
    Critical Hit for all classes: Agility will enhance the chance to score a critical melee hit for all melee classes **(critical spell damage is determined by intellect).**
    DPS for all classes except Rogue & Hunter: Strength will contribute to 100% of the DPS for all classes other than Rogues and Hunters.
    Dodge for all classes: Agility will determine a characters chance to dodge an attack.
    Fighting with two weapons/off-hand: Your total damage output when fighting with two weapons should be higher than fighting with one weapon and a shield, but roughly equal to fighting with a two-handed weapon. Off-hand attacks deal 50% of the weapon's designated damage. Therefore, it's wise to always put the best "damage dealer" weapon in the main hand.
    As players become higher level, they will be able to receive experience from a larger range of monsters. At low levels, you may get experience from monsters five levels lower than you, while at level 60 you will gain experience from monsters 12 levels lower. A gray level color indicates that you will not get experience. Your experience bar will not display when you are level 60.
    Level Cap
    The level cap for World of Warcraft is 60.

    Each race has a language they speak. Horde players are unable to communicate with Alliance players and vice versa except through emotes.

    Skill System
    The focus of the skill system is to allow characters the ability to choose secondary skills. As such, attributes are raised automatically when a character levels.

    Talents System

    Talents give you another way to customize your character and differentiate yourself from other players of the same class. Players can open the talent interface by pressing the "Talents" button, which resides next to the "Spellbook and Abilities" button, or by pressing the "N" default hotkey.

    Talents become available at level 10.

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