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    • Blackrock US
    • Bleeding hollow US
    • Bloodhoof US
    • Bloodscalp US
    • Bonechewer US
    • Boulderfist US
    • Bronzebeard US
    • Burning blade US
    • Burning legion US
    • Cenarion circle US
    • Cenarius US
    • Crushridge US
    • Daggerspine US
    • Dalaran US
    • Dark iron US
    • Darkspear US
    • Deathwing US
    • Destromath US
    • Dethecus US
    • Detheroc US
    • Doomhammer US
    • Draenor US
    • Dragonblight US
    • Dragonmaw US
    • Dunemaul US
    • Durotan US
    • Earthen ring US
    • Eldre'thalas US
    • Elune US
    • Emerald dream
    • Eonar US
    • Eredar US
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    • Frostmane US
    • Frostwolf US
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    • Illidan US
    • Kalecgos US
    • Kargath US
    • Kel'thuzad US
    • Khadgar US
    • Kil'jaeden US
    • Kilrogg US
    • Laughing skull US
    • Lightbringer US
    • Lightning's blade US
    • Llane US
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    • Maelstrom
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    • Shadow council US
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    • Silvermoon US
    • Skullcrusher US
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What happens when player characters die? They become ghosts! When a player dies, he or she will be prompted with a dialogue box to "Release Spirit." Pressing this button will instantly transport the player to the nearest graveyard. The player will then be transformed into a ghost. On death, all equipped items will lose 10% durability.

As a ghost, you have three options:
You can return to your corpse and recover it.

  1. You can have a fellow player (Paladin, Shaman, Priest, Druid) resurrect you, or use a Warlock's Soulstone, which will bring you back to life next to that player. There are also items in the game that allow players of any class to resurrect you. You will not lose any experience when resurrected by another player. Also, you can be resurrected by other players even after you have released your spirit back to the graveyard.
  2. You can talk to a spirit healer NPC (currently located at graveyards) to immediately resurrect yourself at the spirit healer's location. If you choose this option all items (equipped and inventory) will take 25% durability loss and the character will gain resurrection sickness for a duration that scale according to level. The length of resurrection sickness suffered from using the Spirit Healer is set to a maximum of 10 minutes.

Being a Ghost

Players have special characteristics while in ghost form: Finding Your Corpse
When you are a ghost, it is easy to find your corpse. An arrow is placed on your minimap, directing you to your corpse. Once you get near the corpse, a special icon also appears on the minimap to show you the corpse's exact location.

Reviving as a Ghost
Once you approach your corpse, you will see any monsters that are near it. You do not have to reincorporate directly on the spot where your corpse is. As you come closer to your corpse, a dialogue box will pop up, asking if you are ready to be revived. You'll then be able to pick a safe location near your corpse to come back to life. Players that revive will have 50% health and mana.

If you die in an instanced portion of a dungeon, crossing the instance line into that dungeon as a ghost counts as reclaiming your corpse. You don't have to go all the way back in to find it, and it doesn't matter if your particular instance no longer exists. You cannot explore the dungeon in ghost form. Also, your ghost may not enter an instanced dungeon in which you do not have an active corpse.

Other Information
Players do not need to manually bind at the graveyard. The game selects the nearest graveyard automatically.

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