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US Servers/WOW gold
   • Aegwynn US
    • Agamaggan US
    • Aggramar US
    • Alleria US
    • Archimonde US
    • Argent dawn US
    • Arthas US
    • Azgalor US
    • Azjol-nerub US
    • Blackhand US
    • Blackrock US
    • Bleeding hollow US
    • Bloodhoof US
    • Bloodscalp US
    • Bonechewer US
    • Boulderfist US
    • Bronzebeard US
    • Burning blade US
    • Burning legion US
    • Cenarion circle US
    • Cenarius US
    • Crushridge US
    • Daggerspine US
    • Dalaran US
    • Dark iron US
    • Darkspear US
    • Deathwing US
    • Destromath US
    • Dethecus US
    • Detheroc US
    • Doomhammer US
    • Draenor US
    • Dragonblight US
    • Dragonmaw US
    • Dunemaul US
    • Durotan US
    • Earthen ring US
    • Eldre'thalas US
    • Elune US
    • Emerald dream
    • Eonar US
    • Eredar US
    • Feathermoon US
    • Firetree US
    • Frostmane US
    • Frostwolf US
    • Garona US
    • Gilneas US
    • Gorefiend US
    • Gorgonnash US
    • Greymane US
    • Gurubashi US
    • Hellscream US
    • Hyjal US
    • Icecrown US
    • Illidan US
    • Kalecgos US
    • Kargath US
    • Kel'thuzad US
    • Khadgar US
    • Kil'jaeden US
    • Kilrogg US
    • Laughing skull US
    • Lightbringer US
    • Lightning's blade US
    • Llane US
    • Lothar US
    • Maelstrom
    • Magtheridon US
    • Mal'ganis US
    • Malygos US
    • Mannoroth US
    • Medivh US
    • Moonrunner US
    • Nathrezim US
    • Ner'zhul US
    • Perenolde US
    • Proudmoore US
    • Sargeras US
    • Scarlet crusade US
    • Shadow council US
    • Shadow moon US
    • Shadowsong US
    • Shattered hand US
    • Silver hand US
    • Silvermoon US
    • Skullcrusher US
    • Skywall US
    • Smolderthorn US
    • Spinebreaker US
    • Spirestone US
    • Staghelm US
    • Stonemaul US
    • Stormrage US
    • Stormreaver US
    • Stormscale US
    • Suramar US
    • Terenas US
    • Thunderhorn US
    • Thunderlord US
    • Tichondrius US
    • Twisting nether
    • Uldum US
    • Ursin US
    • Uther US
    • Warsong US
    • Whisperwind US
    • Wildhammer US
    • Windrunner US
    • Zul'jin US
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How to make WOW gold in world of warcraft – an online game

As in almost all the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMOPRG), in World of Warcraft, money, or more specifically, the WOW gold plays a significant role in many aspects. Although WOW gold is not everything, without money it is difficult for your role to buy a horse, learn new magic and skills, travel around the world of warcraft, and even survive in the virtual game world! While solid foundation of economy can give you many benefits and bring you more enjoyment. Therefore, how to make WOW gold becomes an important part in WOW.

Roughly speaking, there are several main approaches to make gold in WOW. The first and the basic method is to sell the materials which you gather in the game. The related gathering skills include mining, skinning and herbalism. Mining is surely a big gold maker. Although at first you can not sell cooper, tin, silver, bronze and etc. for high price, as your level goes up, you are able to gather valuable metals such as iron, mithril and truesilver, and thus exchange them for quite a lot of money. Skinning is less effective compared with mining, but is easier to gather materials since monsters can be found almost everywhere in the game world while the locations of the mineral deposits are fixed. Also you earn some pocket money by skinning the monsters which you kill for task goals at the same time. Herbalism is just like mining. Lower price for the common herbs you gather at first and higher price for the valuable ones you gather when your level is up.

The second approach is to sell your handicraft. The related skills are covering tailoring, alchemy, engineering and enchanting. All the above skills are similar. You use the materials you gather or buy to produce more elaborate items. Many players may say the trade of handicraft is worthless, because the raw materials can be sold for more money than the finished product. It is true for the common product you made, but you can make a large profit on the scarce products and the popular ones. Thus the most important know-how for this class of approach is to produce what is valuable in the market.

For the third, you can make gold by trading in the market. As a matter of fact, the above two directions for making gold includes trading. However, trading in this paragraph mainly refers to buying in something at lower price and selling them at higher price. It is quite same to trade in the game world as in the real world. In order to make gold, you need to be familiar with the price and demand. Also the scarce and the popular ones often bring you more profit. In addition, you may get valuable booties by killing your enemies if you are lucky, and thus you can trade them for gold.

Another class of method is grinding. Since in the computer game world, the monsters always turn up around the same place at intervals, you can stick to somewhere and kill the monsters when they show up for random gold or booties they drop. It is somewhat boring compared with the other methods but is surely a money maker. The similar method is farming, which means gathering materials around the same place.

The last approach is saving. Since it is hard to make gold in WOW, the efficient way to use it can also achieve the equivalent effect of making more gold. Properly spending money on the training and commodities at the right time can save you a lot of money.


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